Winter Fashion on-trend 2020

By Bably kumari

Sure, spring has lush flowers, summer brings the sun and fall flowers, summer brings the sun and fall follows with epic foliage, but the unsung seasonal hero is totally winter.

Winter Fashion:-

Infinity scarves, chunky-knit sweaters, knee-high boots, and long wool coats. Winter is just an excuse to dress in your most comfortable clothes, i.e, that sweater dress that’s totally just a blanket with armholes and in the privacy of your own home.

Wacky winter sports:-

Sure, you’ve got your typical ice skating, skiing and snowboarding, but winter also brings with it a plethora of super weird, super fun sports. Like-

•              Ice skating


•              Snowboarding

•              Skijoring

#Winter Fashion Trends:-

As you welcome the excitement of a fresh season, you also welcome updated fashion trends worth trying.

#Houndsooth Patterns-

It’s a popular pattern. The great thing about this specific pattern is that it easily pairs with a number of items and adds a touch of interest to take without feeling over-the-top. The pair of houndstooth item with a black turtleneck, dark denim or classic black pumps for a timeless look.

Check Pattern-

Check, a pattern that seems to come and go is back for the winter season. It’s most flattering to keep the rest of the look neutral. Mostly everyone was drawn to black and white check patterns that add both a splash of colour.


Ongoing with trends, there is two outerwear that top in the list.

The first is a coat with shearling accents. Often, you can see this as an oversized denim jacket with a shearling collar or cuffs or moto jacket. Both give a stylish way to add texture to a look and keeping warm too.

The second outerwear trend you are seeing is a coat, trench or long jacket in a bright and vibrant shade. Pink, mustard shade and elegant pale blue coat give its own glam.

Some tips for Staying warm & Stylish:-

Just because it’s cold outside, that’s no reason to not look your best winter cloth. Here are expert tips for expressing your charm and staying warm, all winter long.

#Pair Skirts with sweaters –

 Instead of a typical blouse, pair your skirt with a cute sweater this winter. You can layer a thin t-shirt or tank under your sweater to keep more warmth. In style, you can pick the sweater fit according to height. Or you can choose a more fitted sweater. If you have good height, the long shawl style would be perfect.

#Layer, layer, layer –

Expert recommends wearing a thing shirt under your sweater and then top off the look with a stylish coat. This way, when you get to the warm indoors you feel too hot.

#Swap out thin tights –

Try wearing fleece-lined tights or leggings underneath your dresses, skirts, and even pants. Fleece-lined tights and legging are still related to thin material, so you won’t take too bulky, but you will be much warmer.

#Rock with faux fur –

Just turn heads with a stylish faux fur top layer such as a coat or vest. Glamour recommends always keeping the rest of the outfit simple with a solid sweater and pants. And keep yourself fashion upgrades that make you look expensive.

#Layer with silk:-

Silk is an extremely warm material and since it’s very thin, it’s easy to layer underneath your winter clothes. Wear it under jackets, sweaters and dresses for another layer of insulation while still making a fashion statement.

# Sport knee-high boots –

Keep your feet and legs warm while wearing a skirt or dress with knee-high boots. Celebrity stylist expert also recommends to, in style to go up half a size with your boots.

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